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Needing to work remotely, but don’t have access to the Internet at home? Teleworkers can find free WiFi access in parking lots at these locations:

Virginia Career Works – Lynchburg Center
3125 Odd Fellows Road; Lynchburg

Amherst County Public Schools

Amherst County High School (Back Parking Lot)
139 Lancer Ln, Amherst

Amherst Middle School (Front Parking Lot)
165 Gordons Fairgrounds Rd, Amherst

Monelison Middle School (Student Drop Off Area in front of building)
257 Trojan Rd, Madison Heights

Amherst Elementary School (Student Drop Off Area/Gym parking)
156 Davis St, Amherst

Elon Elementary School (Bus Loading Area near main office)
147 Younger Dr, Madison Heights

Temperance Elementary School (Bus Loading Area)
1981 Lowesville Rd, Amherst

Amherst County Community Buildings

Amherst County Public Library – Amherst
382 South Main Street; Amherst

Amherst County Public Library – Madison Heights
200 River James Shopping Center; Madison Heights

Amherst Town Hall
186 S Main St, Amherst

Monroe Community Center
129 Francis Ave, Monroe

Bedford County Public Schools

Alternative Education Center (Parking lot to the right of main entrance)
600 Edmund Street; Bedford

Susie G. Gibson Science & Technology Center (Parking lot to the right of main entrance)
600 Edmund Street; Bedford

Jefferson Forest High School (Front parking lot near main entrance)
1 Cavalier Circle; Forest

Liberty High School (Parking lot close to “B” building or bus loop close to “A” building)
100 Liberty Minuteman Drive; Bedford

Staunton River High School (Near the front curb at the main office or parking lot in front of building 2)
1095 Golden Eagle Drive; Moneta

Bedford Elementary School (No service in parking areas – must connect on benches near main entrance)
806 Tiger Trail Road; Bedford

Bedford Primary School (Side parking lot)
807 College Street; Bedford

Big Island Elementary School (Playground lot or public library lot)
1114 Schooldays Road; Big Island

Boonsboro Elementary School (Parking lot beside gym)
1234 Eagle Circle; Lynchburg

Forest Elementary School
1 Scholar Lane; Forest

Goodview Elementary School (Front curb or parking lot across from cafeteria)
1374 Rivermont Academy Road; Goodview

Huddleston Elementary School (Parking lot to the right or left of the main building)
1027 Huddleston Road; Huddleston

Moneta Elementary School (Parking lot near cafeteria and along the front of the school)
12718 Old Moneta Road; Moneta

Montvale Elementary School (Bus loading area)
One Little Patriot Drive; Montvale

New London Academy (Bus loop)
1133 Academy Lane; Forest

Otter River Elementary School (Front entrance along driveway)
1044 Otter River Drive; Goode

Stewartsville Elementary School (Side parking lot near small red building)
1138 Wildcat Road; Goodview

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
1255 Patriot Place; Forest

Lynchburg City Schools
The available free networks are LCS-Wireless (students), LCS-Secure (students/staff), and LCS-Public (public)

Dunbar Middle School (Wifi available daily between 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the parking lot off 12th Street)
1200 Polk Street; Lynchburg

E. C. Glass High School (Wifi available daily between 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the student parking lot off Langhorne Road
2111 Memorial Avenue; Lynchburg

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Centers

WiFi available daily between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the following centers:

– Jefferson Park
– Daniels Hill
– Fairview
– College Hill
– Yoder Center
Diamond Hill

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